From the President – Announcing Our Strategic Solutions Team Reply

According to the calendar, Spring is here!  Of course, if you are in New England, it’s questionable considering the snowflakes that continue to fall into the first full week of April.  With every new season, it’s always a good time to pause and reflect on the previous season and think about what’s been accomplished as a way to acknowledge the progression towards goals. I’ve always found that it helps maintain the forward momentum of where you’re headed.

As someone who grew up in the “season-less” climate of Southern California, Spring is a season of amazement in New England.  People start coming out of their hibernating patterns and the lulls of Winter and start to pick up the pace.  When I reflect on the Winter months at CAPACCIO, there has been everything but a sense of lull.

As you may recall in the recent message from CEO, Lisa Wilk, I was named President & Chief Operating Officer (COO) during the final quarter of 2017.  One of my first actions in my new role was to announce and put into play a new organizational structure.  The focus of our new structure was to align ourselves so that we could focus on our vision of integrating our extensive EH&S expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver strategic solutions for our clients.  Since rolling out our new organization we have been on an exciting path of defining new roles, elevating individuals to new positions, engaging our Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) experts with our EHS-DashboardTM product team, and outlining key strategic objectives – much like we do for our own clients!  Like I said, there has been no sense of lull this past Winter!


John Baycroft

Part of our new structure was to emphasize a core area of our company, which is the Strategic Solutions team.  This team is integral to our efforts of combining leading technologies, such as the EHS-DashboardTM, along with our proven EH&S expertise and services to design high-level EH&S solutions that focus on meeting our clients’ key business and EH&S objectives.  I am pleased to announce the promotion of John Baycroft to Vice President of Strategic Solutions to lead these efforts.  John’s unique skill set as both an Environmental Engineer and Software Engineer gives him keen insight and perspective into how EH&S can be driven successfully with the assistance of technology.

John joined CAPACCIO in 2012 as an Environmental Engineer.  He prepared air and water permit applications and assisted clients with their air reporting requirements such as source registration, and greenhouse gas reports.  As you can imagine, he’s worked in many spreadsheets and a variety of datasets. When trying to analyze data in efficient and effective ways, John leaned on his natural passion for technology and personal interest of software development.  John saw how these large workbooks and complex data sets could be managed differently using current database and web technology.  Combine this with the existing tools developed by CAPACCIO, the concept of the EHS-DashboardTM was created. This technology has taken our traditional EH&S consulting and engineering firm to a new level by offering innovative and strategic solutions to streamline and deliver top-level EH&S performance to our clients.

Today, John leads the Strategic Solutions team which includes solutions designers and product developers to facilitate the process of melding our extensive EH&S expertise and technical know-how with our innovative EHS-DashboardTM adding efficiency and transparency to result in a higher-level of insight into our clients EH&S programs and strategically valuable solutions.

This is just one of the many newsworthy accomplishments and promotions that have come to fruition over the last few months.  We look forward to sharing those and other new developments with you in the near future.  As I pause and reflect, it’s clear to me that our organizational changes towards our vision has kept us on a continued focus through the Winter months and is now setting the stage for a bright Spring ahead.  Now if only mother nature would get on board!

At CAPACCIO, we live our mission of “Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper”. We align EH&S with your business objectives to strategically position you for success.  Our unique approach combines our extensive EH&S experience with cutting edge technologies, such as our EHS DashboardTM, to effectively address your challenges.  Our comprehensive solutions have resulted in award-winning EH&S and overall business performance for our clients.  To learn more visit us at

Is Your EMS Enhancing Your Organization’s Environmental Performance? Reply

Your organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is all about recognizing environmental risks, deciding which are most important, taking action to minimize those risks, and ultimately enhancing environmental performance.  Depending on those risks, you may be performing actions to ensure you’re compliant with obligations from regulatory agencies and interested parties.  Depending on the size of your organization, these actions demand management of a great deal of data. Data related to tracking actions and effectiveness of those actions are vital pieces of evidence to support compliance.  For instance, the organization can have a schedule for audits, a schedule for inspections, a schedule for sampling, and a schedule to complete objectives…but does the organization have a schedule that makes sure the EMS as a whole is doing its job?  This schedule should include a broader, more holistic approach. This can include: discussions with Top Management, checking on sustained progress on environmental objectives, an audit schedule, specific times to evaluate environmental aspects and impacts, and so on.

What about all the records and data you need to keep and maintain to demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations and conformance with your EMS?  Is there a repository for records (e.g., inspection records, sampling data, metrics for objectives)? Is there a master calendar or schedule for EMS activities – either paper or electronic?

Having the right tools to manage your holistic systems solution enhances efficiency, accuracy, and accountability. It ensures that your organization is on track and can demonstrate its enhanced environmental performance. Tools like the EHS DashboardTM can be part of your holistic systems solution. Using this tool increases transparency and effectiveness of your systems management, elevating your EMS Program to new levels. Once an organization is confident around the data being collected related to systems, real progress can be made towards continually improving environmental performance.

If you are interested in how Capaccio’s EHS Dashboard can help, please contact Cristina Mendoza at 774-249-2418 or