Is Your EMS Enhancing Your Organization’s Environmental Performance? Reply

Your organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS) is all about recognizing environmental risks, deciding which are most important, taking action to minimize those risks, and ultimately enhancing environmental performance.  Depending on those risks, you may be performing actions to ensure you’re compliant with obligations from regulatory agencies and interested parties.  Depending on the size of your organization, these actions demand management of a great deal of data. Data related to tracking actions and effectiveness of those actions are vital pieces of evidence to support compliance.  For instance, the organization can have a schedule for audits, a schedule for inspections, a schedule for sampling, and a schedule to complete objectives…but does the organization have a schedule that makes sure the EMS as a whole is doing its job?  This schedule should include a broader, more holistic approach. This can include: discussions with Top Management, checking on sustained progress on environmental objectives, an audit schedule, specific times to evaluate environmental aspects and impacts, and so on.

What about all the records and data you need to keep and maintain to demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations and conformance with your EMS?  Is there a repository for records (e.g., inspection records, sampling data, metrics for objectives)? Is there a master calendar or schedule for EMS activities – either paper or electronic?

Having the right tools to manage your holistic systems solution enhances efficiency, accuracy, and accountability. It ensures that your organization is on track and can demonstrate its enhanced environmental performance. Tools like the EHS DashboardTM can be part of your holistic systems solution. Using this tool increases transparency and effectiveness of your systems management, elevating your EMS Program to new levels. Once an organization is confident around the data being collected related to systems, real progress can be made towards continually improving environmental performance.

If you are interested in how Capaccio’s EHS Dashboard can help, please contact Cristina Mendoza at 774-249-2418 or


Were You Waiting? ISO 45001:2018 is here. Reply

ISO 45001 has been published!  It’s now officially ISO 45001:2018.  Get your copy of the new standard and begin the adventure of designing and developing a new health and safety management system. Now is also the time to begin thinking about transitioning your existing health and safety management system (HSMS) to ISO 45001:2018. Conforming to ISO 45001:2018 helps your organization create a safer, healthier workplace.

Remember, now that ISO 45001 is published, existing OHSAS 18001:2007 HSMS’s will have three years to transition to the new ISO standard, and new HSMS’s must conform to the new ISO 45001:2018 standard. Start your planning now to register to the new standard.

Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. can help with designing and developing a new HSMS or transitioning your existing HSMS.  Our services, such as an independent third-party gap analysis to identify actionable items for the transition, can be a fitting starting point. This third-party gap analysis and a comprehensive independent third party internal systems audit help to ensure that you have a plan for system development/transition and supports the claim that, when your system is ready, you’re in conformance with the ISO 45001:2018 standard.  Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. has the expertise to assure your organization is on the right track and ready to register to ISO 45001:2018.

If you have questions or need assistance with your ISO 45001:2018 HSMS, please contact Linda Swift,  CHMM, TURP, Exemplar Global Provisional Auditor, at 978-621-6433 or

CAPACCIO Welcomes New Staff Reply

Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. is excited to welcome and introduce two new team members, Nick Grote, CSP, and Caitlin Turney.

grote headshotNick Grote, CSP has joined CAPACCIO as a Senior Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Scientist. Mr. Grote brings more than seven years of experience working as an EH&S Manager developing, implementing, delivering, and monitoring the success of EH&S programs and initiatives. He also has considerable experience with OSHA’s standards and their implementation, accident prevention and investigation, and life and fire safety.

Mr. Grote will be assisting clients with developing, managing, and implementing day to day EH&S policies, programs, procedures and EH&S compliance audits.   In addition, Mr. Grote will be involved in EH&S reporting and delivery of EH&S on-site assistance programs.

Mr. Grote previously worked as US Regional EHS Manager in the Retail/Warehouse industry where his duties included being responsible for the safety and health of employees and customers in 67 store locations and associated distribution centers.

Mr. Grote holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health from Keene State College in Keene, NH and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). He also has attained his OSHA 521 (Industrial Hygiene course certification) and OSHA 511 (General Industry Standards certification).

turney headshotCaitlin Turney has joined CAPACCIO as Product Manager for CAPACCIO’s cloud-based product, the EHS DashboardTM. In this role, Ms. Turney will work with our EH&S technical experts and solutions team to develop and execute the EHS DashboardTM’s feature roadmap.  In addition to leading the product team, she will have the opportunity to work closely with other client facing roles to understand client objectives and to ensure overall client success.  Ms. Turney had previously worked at CAPACCIO as a UX Designer where she provided front-end support for the EHS DashboardTM and was also instrumental in developing, launching, and bringing the product to market. This past involvement will lend itself well to her new role at the company.

Ms. Turney is a graduate of Ithaca College where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication with a Minor in Legal Studies. Ms. Turney has been a member of several different marketing teams and also specializes in design, digital marketing strategies, and product development.

Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. is a woman-owned, award-winning, environmental, health and safety engineering, compliance and software company dedicated to “helping industry and the environment prosper.”  To learn more about CAPACCIO, visit Mr. Grote can be reached at Ms. Turney may be reached at