Hoisting Regulations Update Reply

On July 8, 2013 the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety (DPS) held a public hearing on proposed changes to the hoisting machinery regulation, 520 CMR 6.00. Many of the proposed changes reflect 2010 changes to the hoisting law, Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 146, Section 53 and public comment from the December 8, 2012, public hearing.

520 CMR 6.00 requires that all operators of hoisting machinery complete an application and pass a test to obtain a license from the DPS. 520 CMR 6.00 is applicable to all hoisting machinery, including forklifts used on private or public property where the height of the lift exceeds 10 feet or the weight of the load exceeds 500 pounds.

The revised regulation includes an exemption of the MA hoisting license requirement for all operators if the company has a training program approved by the DPS and complies with the following requirements:

• A supervisory employee(s) who holds a hoisting license for the equipment being used must be on-site at all times during operation
• The company training program must be approved by the DPS biennially
• Authorized operators must be issued a company license that includes a picture of the employee, a list of hoisting machinery the employee is qualified to operate, and the name of signature of the supervisor who holds a license to operate that equipment. Employees can only be trained and certified to operate the specific equipment for which the supervisory employee holds a license issued by the DPS.

A facility seeking DPS approval of its training program must submit the following:

• A completed application form
• Copy of company curriculum and training materials (must include a classroom and practical component)
• A list of employees with hoisting license
• A list of type of equipment in use

The application forms referenced in the proposed regulation are not currently available from the DPS. At the public hearing, the DPS representative stated that all required materials will be posted on the DPS after the regulation is finalized. DPS did not provide an estimated date of when the proposed regulation will become final but Capaccio will post any updates on our blog once they are available.

The proposed regulation can be found here: http://www.mass.gov/eopss/docs/dps/engineering/inf-eng/520-cmr-6-redline-apr13.pdf

CAPACCIO can assist with bringing your company into compliance with this and other health and safety related programs. Please review our list of health and safety services.

For more information, contact Colleen Walsh at 508.970.0033 extension 129 or cwalsh@capaccio.com.

Hoisting Regulations Hearing – July 8 Reply

Hoisting Regulations Hearing – The Massachusetts Department of Public Safety will conduct a hearing in Boston July 8 on proposed changes to the regulations governing hoisting machinery. CAPACCIO’S Senior EH&S Scientist Colleen Walsh will be attending. Stay tuned to our blog for an update on the hearing. For further information on this topic, please see our blog post from October 30, 2012.

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New Friends -Australian Council of Trade Unions

Today I met with the staff from the Australia Council of Trade Unions and Work Safe Victoria (our equivalent to OSHA).

I was welcomed warmly and was happy to share stories about TURA and how by getting workers involved in the TUR process so we can create safer work places. Though I did not have quantitative dollar amount saved in workman’s compensation claims and a direct correlation between TURA and a reduced percentage of cases of cancer, we all agreed that if we can reduce the amount of carcinogens used in the workplace and the amount of carcinogenic byproducts produced, it’s reasonable to deduce that the risk of workplace related cancer is likely to eventually be reduced.

Stay tuned to this blog for more insight from Lucy from her meetings and travels in Australia . 

It’s hard to say no to a Super Hero… Reply


I’ve been asked to present industry’s perspective on practical solutions to reducing toxics in the work place at a forum sponsored by the Cancer Council of Australia in Melbourne, Australia on May 3 2012. I’m following a presentation given in 2009 by Pam Eliason of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) where she was introduced as having the answers to all of industry’s toxics use problems. I thought only a super hero could meet those expectations so I got myself a cape and now I am Super TURP ( Toxics Use Reduction Planner).

My super power is opening people’s minds to new ways of doing things. This results in using less toxic chemicals and generating less byproduct per widget manufactured. This mind bending ability can make companies more profitable and protect their greatest assets, their employees!

In order to prepare for my Australia presentation I attended a conference that  TURI held on April 12, 2012. I was interested in learning more about safer alternatives and attended the Green Chemistry track. I must confess, I had an ulterior motive to attending the conference. I wanted to get interviews with TUR Planners about their successes with TUR planning so that I could share them with the folks in Australia.

I decided to wear my Super TURP cape to the conference in order to get street cred, or maybe sympathy, from the crowd. It worked! I was able to get 10 companies to give me their input on what they think is the biggest benefit is to using the TUR planning process in their companies.

Please listen to the comments from Cindy Keegan, Manager, Environmental, Health& Safety Analogic Corporation and David Kiddo, Global Business Manager, Wire & Cable, Alpha Gary by clicking on each of the play buttons below.

Comments from Cindy Keegan

Comments from David Kiddo

Isn’t it great that Australia is looking to Massachusetts as a model for reducing cancer in the workplace? I’m proud to be representing TUR Planners and spreading the good word about the Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA).

Need some assistance in making your company’s TUR Plan leap over tall buildings in a single bound…reduce payback periods…open up TUR Team minds to new ideas…we have a team of super heroes at CAPACCIO…just waiting to wear our cool capes!

Look for future blogs from down under …there will be photos with emus…maybe…Lucy

(Right) CAPACCIO’S Lucy Servidio with the Photofabrication Engineering TUR Team

CAPACCIO’s Travis Wheeler…Boy Wonder (Helping companies reduce the use of toxic chemicals)