Did you receive an AST form from the DFS? Reply

If your organization uses an aboveground storage tank (AST) with capacity greater than 10,000 gallons, you may have received a letter and an “AST Approved Standard Declaration Form” from the Department of Fire Services (DFS) and you may wonder why.

The form is not a cause for alarm, but DFS requires AST permit-holders to complete one form for each permitted tank and return the form to DFS.

To refresh memories, in 2016 the DFS standards were changed and now each permitted AST must be inspected and maintained in accordance with an “Approved Standard” – a standard proposed by the permit-holder and approved by the DFS.  The Approved Standard you propose specifies the nature and frequency of the inspections you will perform for each tank.

As a holder of an AST Use Permit, organizations are responsible for ensuring the tank is inspected in accordance with an Approved Standard and that they maintain the records of inspections and maintenance performed in between renewals (Use Permits for ASTs renew every five years).  As part of the renewal process, a Qualified Inspector (as defined in 502 CMR 5.03) must inspect the tank and review the tank inspection and maintenance records to ensure that the tank has been inspected and maintained in accordance with its Approved Standard.  The findings of the tank inspection and documentation review are submitted to the DFS for review before the DFS will issue another Use Permit.

If you are an AST permit-holder, you may self-perform the inspections if you have a Qualified Inspector on staff. Otherwise you can retain an outside firm (e.g. an engineering firm, a tank supplier, or a chemical or industrial gas supplier) to provide the inspections and maintenance.  CAPACCIO recommends that if you utilize an outside firm, make sure to obtain documentation after each inspection and confirm that maintenance action is performed to ensure employee safety and regulatory compliance.

Ensuring your organization’s AST tanks are being maintained in accordance with the Approved Standard is an important aspect in avoiding and mitigating risks and ensuring business continuity for your organization.

If you received one of these letters from DFS, make sure to pay attention to the due date at the bottom of the letter as some we have seen are due as soon as August 30, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Bannon, EIT or Art Cunningham, PE, or utilize our chat feature on our website.


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CAPACCIO Continues to Grow Reply

Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. is excited to see our team growing with the announcement of two new team members, Mary Brandt and Cassedi Johnson.


Mary Brandt

Mary joins us as a full-time Junior Environmental Scientist (ES1). A recent graduate from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Minor in Art, her previous experience includes working as an intern for a Google Start-up in the UK and as an Environmental Policy intern at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay in Boston.

As part of our Compliance team, Mary will be involved with a variety of different projects.  Initially she’ll be a key member of our EPCRA team where she’ll be assisting our clients with their annual reporting requirements.


Cassedi Johnson

Cassedi joins us as a part-time Accounting Clerk. She graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with an Associate Degree in Arts and Psychology and aspires to continue her education by earning her Bachelors’ degree in Business.

Cassedi will be an added asset to our financial team and will be assisting with routine accounts receivable and payable related tasks.

At CAPACCIO, we live our mission of “Helping Industry and the Environment Prosper”. We align EH&S with your overall business objectives to strategically position you for success.  Our unique approach combines our extensive EH&S experience with cutting edge technologies, such as our EHS DashboardTM, to effectively address your challenges.  Our comprehensive solutions have resulted in award-winning EH&S and overall business performance for our clients. We are certified WBENC, WBE. To learn more visit us at www.capaccio.com.

Why Us?

CAPACCIO makes an investment in its employees. From day one, employees are encouraged to develop their careers, and CAPACCIO supports this through conferences, training and opportunities for learning and advancement at CAPACCIO.  View our website for other exciting opportunities to join our team.



Message from our CEO, Lisa Wilk – Organizational Announcement Reply

Hello to all our clients, vendors, and partners!

I want to share some very exciting company news about Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. and our continued commitment to offering you the highest level of service!


Lori Harrington, President and COO

I am thrilled to announce the promotion of Lori Harrington to President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the firm.   Lori has been with us since 1999, and most recently served as Vice President of Operations where she has been successfully establishing operational processes and systems to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.  In her new role as President & COO, Lori will be leading the company in the execution of our vision to integrate strategy, technology, programs and systems to provide leading-edge Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) services for our clients together with the support of our vendors and partners.

I will continue in my role as Chief Executive Officer and will remain very active in the business.  CAPACCIO remains committed to providing you with high quality EH&S consulting and engineering services.  Our unique approach ensures that we develop and implement solutions that align with the overall vision of your organization.  By combining cutting edge technologies, such as our EHS DashboardTM, along with our extensive EH&S expertise, we are able to facilitate and refine near and long-term strategic approaches that help your business to thrive while simultaneously allowing it to achieve top-level EH&S performance.

Our mission remains “helping industry and the environment prosper.”  I am excited about the ongoing evolution of our company and its solutions for you – and we’ll be providing more details in future announcements!  Along with our energetic and talented team of engineers, scientists, and strategists and the enhancements to our leadership team, we look forward to continuing to help you make substantial positive impacts on your EH&S programs while enhancing the overall success of your organization.

Lori looks forward to meeting those she has not already met, and will be touching base with those she has worked with previously.   We also welcome you to stop by our beautiful new office space at 290 Donald Lynch Boulevard in Marlborough if you are in the area (near Solomon Pond Mall).

Thank you for your continued partnership with us! We are excited for our future and value your business. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Happy New Year!

Lisa Wilk
Chief Executive Officer
Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.

Changes to the Hazardous Waste Biennial Report Reply

Large Quantity Generators are required to report hazardous waste (HW) activity by March 1st of each even numbered year (every two years) for the preceding calendar year.  Reports are to be sent to the facility’s state authority (in Massachusetts, MassDEP).

Previously, there was an independent software used to prepare these reports. This year (reports to be submitted in March 2018) HW Biennial Reports have to be prepared and submitted using the EPA RCRAInfo Industry Application (RIA) software.

Here’s what’s new:

    • The Biennial Reporting software is a part of the EPA RCRAInfo Industry Application (RIA) which is also a part of the EPA CDX system – so everyone who prepares and submits a HW biennial report needs a CDX account and to register in the RIA system.
    • MassDEP noted to be sure you understand that there are a number of roles for RIA and whoever signs up as the Site Management Role will have control not only of the HW Biennial Report roles and content but also any roles related to the eManifest (expected this summer), and Generator Notification form (expected in the near future), etc.  (Basically anyone with a waste role on CDX related to the client’s facility). So CAPACCIO is advising clients to be careful who they assign to that role.  Once roles are assigned, you need to make sure that those people have CDX accounts.  If they don’t have accounts, one of the first things you need to do is set a up CDX account and then register on RCRAInfo. 
Having trouble submitting your Hazardous Waste Biennial Report?
  • That’s because EPA has not loaded the SI form template (form with your site information) into the RCRAInfo Biennial Report site and you cannot submit the report without completing an SI form.  The form will likely be available in mid-January.
If you have questions regarding the Hazardous Waste Biennial report, contact Linda Swift at lswift@capaccio.com or Alexis Dallaportas at adallaportas@capaccio.com.