Enforcement Discretion Extended for New Dischargers not currently covered under MSGP2008 Reply

CAPACCIO recently received the notices in the link below from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Notices extend the date that EPA will use enforcement discretion for companies that have a new stormwater discharge and are not covered under the Stormwater Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) that expired September 29, 2013.The date has been extended out to the end of September 2014, HOWEVER, new dischargers need to take some actions to meet the enforcement discretion conditions:

1. Eligibility-Meet the MSGP 2008 eligibility criteria
2. Prior Notification-Prior to discharge, notify the EPA of operator status and intent to operate in accordance with MSGP 2008
3. Compliance-Meet obligations of MSGP 2008
a.Develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
b.Install Best Management Practices
c.Perform SW monitoring, if necessary
d.Conduct Site Inspections
e.Implement corrective actions
f.Meet Sector-Specific Criteria
g.Submit appropriate reports to EPA

Here’s the link to the memos-

For more information, please contact Travis Wheeler at 508-970-0033 ext. 115 or twheeler@capaccio.com.


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