Toxics Release Inventory Update Reply

2012 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Preliminary Dataset

EPA has posted the 2012 TRI preliminary dataset.

Data can be searched by facility name, location, industry sector, or chemical name. TRI reported data is used by the EPA to update regional programs and goals from recent TRI data. Through this dataset, there is access to determine chemicals a particular facility is using and releasing, information on facilities initiating pollution prevention activities for the recent calendar year, whether a particular facility has reported to TRI and research on chemical released in the United States or a specific geographical area. The dataset contains reports processed as of September 3, 2013 and a complete dataset will be available in October.

Pollution Prevention Search Tool

The EPA offers the TRI P2 Search Tool,, which is a useful application that allows easy access to submissions of P2 information to find out what facilities are doing for pollution prevention. Searches can be filtered by industry, chemical, state and/or year, with a results page that populates the most relevant reports. This is a useful tool in TUR planning when evaluating toxic use reduction opportunities.

Electronic Reporting Required for TRI in 2014

A final rule was developed by the EPA requiring facilities to report all non-trade secret TRI data using the TRI-ME web online reporting application.

This rule mandates that TRI forms are submitted electronically and applies to all facilities that are required to report to the TRI program. The rule becomes effective January 21, 2014. The TRI-ME web software can be found on the CDX database and will have new security measures for those that are certifiers of TRI forms.

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