Growing Number Of Manufacturers Embracing Sustainability Reply

The New York Times (6/12, B3, Bhanoo) reported many of the soccer teams at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa “are wearing jerseys made almost entirely from plastic bottles rescued from landfills in Japan and Taiwan.” Although “many might view [this] as a gimmick,” the move is “also part of a broadening effort by the company to incorporate sustainability, or environmentally responsible practices, into its product design. Around the globe, a growing number of manufacturers are including more recyclable or biodegradable components into products.” The Times noted, “Companies making changes run the gamut – there are furniture makers, carpet manufacturers, clothing retailers and makers of shampoos and household cleaners. And with big-box retailers like Wal-Mart joining in, industry analysts say the sustainable philosophy is no longer viewed as the province of high-end sellers like Nike or Herman Miller, the furniture maker.”


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